sugarland barn wedding: emma + cj

the best word i’ve come up with is heartfelt. on every single level … this wedding was just that. what really struck me was the connection emma and cj shared with their families and friends. it wasn’t your typical “it’s a wedding and so of course we all love each other today” connection. it ran layers upon layers deep; evident. the support from everyone was palpable. i teared-up multiple times throughout the day … especially as emma’s mom sang the beatles’ “i will” while helping her get ready.

i feel like i leave some weddings changed. and this one really revived my heart and soul in the thick of the season. thank you for everything, emma, cj, and everyone i met and shared conversation with on this day <3 <3 <3 you’re all so sweet and appreciative, and i appreciate you back.

shout-out to some amazing wedding vendors. loved working with them: sugarland [venue], the darling wedding co. [coordination], courtney joy floral [never saw a bride so in love with her bouquet], mann frau [videography], and style matters [dj].