caitlin + cale's kinnikinnick farm dinner party wedding

3pm under blue skies and friends are peeling zucchini alongside a bride and groom getting ready. cheese boards, cheese curds, gravy prep, pizza prep, dinner prep . i guess this is what it looks like when the owners of two local restaurants cater their own wedding.

but cailtin and cale are relaxed. they dress and walk down the aisle into a most unique and heartfelt ceremony. there was gravy. gravy made during the ceremony.

and now guests are transferring ceremony chairs to a single long dinner table. two hours of bocce, baseball, kites and homemade pizza before another two hours of dining on an impressive farm to table meal.

dancing on full stomachs and full hearts. cake illuminated by twinkle lights and oil lanterns. a long table under a single tree in the middle of a field, holding all the empty plates and memories of a beautiful day.

congrats, caitlin and cale! enjoy a very small preview of your day below. and thanks to my lovely and fun second shooter, amy. she's great.

stephanie + carson's wi barn at windy pine wedding

you belong among the wildflowers / you belong in a boat out at sea / you belong with your love on your arm / you belong somewhere you feel free — tom petty

this is what it looks like when two of the best people you know marry each other.

2pm hair in tight curls, sylvan esso on repeat, sipping beer from a name straw. there is a dog—we'll call her maple. maple, tucked in the shade of a tree, mirroring the day's chill vibe.

take down the curls, stepping into a borrowed dress. enter dad, cue tears. a ceremony by the bride's brother. the vows, the emotion. i don't remember taking photos. i rest easy, later, seeing i did.

hugs! congrats! a guest approaches me to say, "some people simply need to be together." i nod along in enthusiastic agreement. she stole my thoughts, my words.

stephanie and carson are two of the best, oldestwisestloving and most present souls i know.

let's continue on with local food ... pork, tacos. music, toasts, dancing, singing songs to one another. a night of ice cream sandwiches, a sunset into the pines and stars without street light distraction.

whatwhyhow am i trying to write here? words, photos ... they won't do justice to this couple, this day. but i guess why not try. stephanie and carson, i do love you. you're both lodged deep in my medium-sized american heart forever and ever (amen?). here is just a small glimpse of what i documented from one day in your life ... your journey.

all my love, anda marie