developed some film from a year ago!

she is made of yesterdays - james salter

this week i picked up a few rolls of film from a year ago. i should do this more often. there is something about thumbing through each print that easily trumps the immediacy of taking and barely seeing an iphone photo. nothing against iphone photos ... that's my go-to camera.

but film ...

give me all the film-esque filters and actions in the world ... nothing can imitate what legit film shot on a vintage pentax can do. how it stirs the heart. my heart, at least. people talk about film being magic, and as much as i want to embrace the new, i'm Romantic with a capitol R about the old when it comes to photography.

last summer was a very sweet time for me. there was a levity and a freedom. late night bike rides, sunset basketball games, and dinners with friends after reading in hammocks. smalltown bars and endless lakeside nights. i can't go back, but these photos almost take me there.

glad i did this. worth every costly penny that film is today.

lizzy + jason's barn wedding in brooklyn wi

there was some sort of magic in the air at o'brien barn. storms threatened but never transpired, and clouds cleared right at sunset, making way for a sky of purple and orange. photos of the couple at sunset are always my favorites. the still and the quiet ... a time to catch a breath and be alone.

lizzy and jason's wedding was a treat to photograph. natural and laid-back with sweet and stylish details. through small gestures, subtle glances, and emotional toasts, the love everyone in that barn had for this couple was beyond evident. and lizzy and jason are so sweet with each other as well. always looking out for each other and always looking out for everyone around them as well.

they also have the cutest dog, cash.

congratulations, lizzy and jason! i loved being a part of your day, so so much. if i'm ever in boston, i'll give you a call! enjoy a small preview of much more to come: