Laura + Ben in Madison, WI

Style and class, class and style. Seriously could not have loved shooting Laura and Ben more. I already want to shoot them again in different scenery because they are so cool, and they totally make a girl feel comfortable, appreciated, and at ease. I haven't spent a lot of time with Laura and Ben, but whenever I have been around them, there is just something about their company that feels really good. I just plain like them, and I'm delighted (I never say delighted, but what the heck why not) to have shot them around Madison.

My favorite part of this shoot was ending on a rooftop at blue hour. Blue hour is the best, in my opinion, because even digital photos get that dreamy, nostalgic, analog look I crave. I've been known to complain about how digital is too crisp and too good ... so blue hour is my dream scene.

Thank you, Laura and Ben! You rule the school. Here is a sampling of the evening!

Camp Wandawega Wedding // Deanna + Paul

all throughout the day i heard people reminding deanna and paul that "a wet knot cannot be untied." it rained hard most the day, with just enough of a clearing for a beautiful ceremony under the trees.

i love shooting at camp wandawega not only because it's unique and picturesque (an understatement, really), but also because the couples who get married there are incredibly laid back and down to earth. you would never know by looking at or talking to deanna and paul that it was pouring crazy hard most the day. they were lovely, up for whatever came their way, and sincerely enjoying everything surrounding them.

i want to give a big shout out to their band, Gussied. they came up from chicago and were awesome. i'd love to hear them again at another wedding. the hair and makeup artists were so lovely and made everyone they touched look gorgeous (here's looking at you, lauren wendt, and kelsey (of to have and to glow)). and it's always wonderful working with tereasa and david—the owners of the camp, elizabeth of Anticipation Events, and Underground Food Collective (you gotta love good wedding food :)).

deanna and paul, you are great! congratulations ... here is a preview of much more to come.