saint louis art museum & jewel box wedding: annie + shawn

a greenhouse wedding with an art museum prelude, a calder cake topper, and a bob mackey dress? sign me up. i got to know shawn a few years ago while photographing & interviewing him for a magazine feature about his art. when i finally got to meet annie last year in chicago over burgers at a metal bar, i knew their wedding would be just my style. some people you simply connect with, and i just really like these two. fast forward to the wedding day, and their friends and family only compounded my adoration.

in place of formal photos, annie and shawn opted to gather all their nearest and dearest for an hour of hanging out at the saint louis art museum before the ceremony. best idea. and then the actual wedding venue, jewel box, took my breath away. every last detail of the day was infused with personality, style, and thoughtfulness. all of this, coupled with an afterparty at the cheshire hotel to bring it full circle ... documenting annie and shawn's wedding was a real treat ... worth the lack of zzz's in exchange for time on the road. thank you and congratulations, annie and shawn. until we meet again (because we will … kuma’s corner is always calling). <3, anda