the espedal family at home in madison, wi

they live in community and they feel like community should feel. with troy gardens in their backyard, the espedal family just "get it." i felt so at peace in their presence, documenting the evening through a mix of relaxed conversation and being a fly on the wall.

i know patricia went back and forth for years about having this session, and i'm so happy she finally did. not only so she has a record of this time in her family's life (she is a wonderful photographer with plenty of gorgeous photos of her family already, but rarely do any of them feature her) ... but also so i could spend time getting to know them all a little bit better. they just have a way about them that is somewhat indescribable. not to mention they also love denison witmer :)

thank you for inviting me into your world for an evening, patricia, jordan, jolene, lucy, and ira. enjoy a little preview of more to come. xo, anda