rachelle + ava at home and by the ocean in san francisco

Gosh, the changes in this little family since I last photographed them only 1.5 years ago. Rachelle, my dear friend, is stronger ... grown more self-aware and into herself. She has more peace, more light. I love seeing that. And her daughter, Ava ... where to start. There is a lot to be said for a six year old whose favorite bands are David Bowie and First Aid Kit. Rachelle is raising Ava to live a simple, honest, beauty and curiosity-filled life. I will never lose the image of Ava running down the beach, arms going wild, young and carefree.

Rachelle and Ava just moved to a place right across the ocean, and I can't imagine a better spot for them. They are ocean people, it couldn't be more true of anyone. I'm so happy they flew me out to document their final days in the old apartment in the Inner Sunset. I do love them.

Onwards and upwards. xx.