erika + casey's acorn theater wedding in three oaks, michigan

"a relationship can be a work of art if you're willing to put in the work."

this is one of many quotes i found myself wanting to run over to my phone and immediately jot down during erika and casey's wedding ceremony. one of the most personal and thoughtful i've ever witnessed, it was infused with overwhelming amounts of love, intellect, poetry, inspiration, meaning, and spirituality. beginning with a parade of loved ones, and centered with a ring warming, it ended with a surprise dance of jubilee.

i met erika and casey literally minutes before their ceremony, but i felt immediately at ease in their presence. they have a calm about them and something that makes you think, "old souls."

i love shooting weddings like this one. when erika contacted me she said she didn't want a photographer at first because she didn't want the fanfare and formality of anything posed or overly planned. i knew we would be a great fit because i also shy away from anything artificial or staged. in the end, they requested zero posed photos, and it was music to my ears. we snuck away outside for five minutes as the sun set, and it was perfect.

congrats, erika and casey! i could go on and on about how meaningful and beautiful your celebration was. thank you for inviting me in to your world for a day. here is a small preview of more to come. enjoy. xx.