the zastrows at home in madison, wi

i adore this family ... they could not be cooler or kinder. i've had the privilege of documenting them at home twice ... once in 2014 (see that here), and again in the fall of 2016. i could seriously photograph them around the clock because it's such a pleasure to work with people who just get it. they're totally in tune with what i do ... they give me the respect, freedom, and trust to just go for it ... and i feel like i am therefore able to get them and translate their true family dynamic through imagery. people like this are a treasure.

thanks for everything, zastrow clan. you're nothing but the best. xx.

kate + max in durham, nc

what a treat these two are! i flew to durham, north carolina for kate + max's engagement session, and they spent the weekend wining and dining me ... showing me their city and it's food, drink, and rooftops. they are both crazy-smart doctors in their respective neurosurgery and plastic surgery residencies, so i should have been super intimidated to spend time with them ... but they are nothing but warm, welcoming, and friendly. not to mention they adore one another.

when i arrived for the actual session at their home in the woods, they immediately offered me some good scotch. i looked around, taking in that moment, and thought ... these are my people.