stephanie + kelly's backyard wisconsin wedding

it is hard to imagine two people more excited to get married. the smiles could not be wiped from their faces, rain or shine (and by that, i mean, rain no shine). i have known stephanie for about a decade, and the way her eyes light up around kelly is a bit of magic. in fact, in the whole time i have seen stephanie and kelly together as a couple, i have never once seen kelly enter a room without causing stephanie's eyes to light up. the way they are with each other, it's incredible.

to try and describe the love of family and friends that went into this day wouldn't do it justice. every single last thing ... from the invites, signs, lamb, hummus, tabouli, dolmas, desserts (they served a traditional lebanese dinner, YUM), indigo-dyed tableclothes, hand-thrown votives, music, officiating, and way more than i can remember now was done by steph and kelly themselves or by friends and family. it all looked absolutely beautiful.

so maybe the ceremony had to be moved from the orchard to the tent last minute ... the good spirits never faded. steph and kelly's smiles were permanent. steph's eyes were wide with love every time she looked at kelly. and vice versa. a light i don't see fading any time soon.

to my good friends ... all my love. here is just a preview of your day for now. enjoy. xo.

[i understand this is the cheesiest post i have ever written and that i said love way too many times and it is all pretty mushy and not grammatically correct or coherent. for some reason, i couldn't help it. these two make me happysappy.]

catching a chicken is easy, catching an emu is hard: natalie + andy are engaged!

This isn't sometimes / Yeah it's for always / If I'm gonna love you with all of my heart

Natalie is my BFF. She lives in NYC. In NYC she met Andy Lee. Andy is the most perfect, perfect match for her. I have never seen Natalie so happy as she is right now in these days. I am incredibly happy for them both.

When they were both in Wisconsin, we hit up all the fave spots in Lake Mills and Cambridge (Nat's hometown) ... the trailer park, the sandbar, and nat's mom's home/farm. Chickens are pretty easy to take photos of ... emus don't like the camera as much.

Nat and Andy, congrats! I screamed super loud on the phone the morning you told me, and I'm screaming congrats (aloud, in my head) now too.

I will not be shooting the wedding (yay!), and can't wait to celebrate as a guest with Natalie and Andy, dancing the night away in October.

xo, AM