anna vogelzang 'driftless' EP shoot

in your new life
i hope you promise to be kind
a little softer, less designed
all empathy and grace

in your new life
i hope each old choice can change
each bar and scar and circus train
every shadow to get shed

if you live in madison, you’ve surely heard the name anna vogelzang. her voice floats through the city’s cafes, bars and music venues … whimsical lyrics folding in on one another and then opening up at just the right spots.

anna released a new EP on 11.11 and it is lovely and true and my current dinner soundtrack.

go check it out on bandcamp!

i had a great time shooting for the album, promotional stuff, and anna's new website. below are a few shots from the shoot. gorgeous makeup by my dear friend and still-favorite partner-in-crime, jennyface. flower crown by the ever-talented and always-sweet daffodil*parker.

rachelle + ava at home in san francisco

i got on the plane and cried. at least silently, to myself ... and possibly maybe only in my mind. release. as many things happen in perfect timing, i happened to need a change of scenery exactly right then. and within seconds of breathing in that salty ocean westcoastbestcoast air, i was home.

my friend rachelle generously took me in for several days. we met exactly a year ago this week, and i'm always amazed by time and connection. how quickly and seamlessly we can sometimes fall in and out of relationships ... how sometimes you spark within ten minutes of talking. that instant and kindred connection is what i experienced with rachelle. her story has been essential for my own narrative, and it came in that exact perfect timing. one year ago this week i found a treasure of a friend ... and this past visit i finally met her beautiful daughter ava.

vegan mexican food and live music at golden gate park, intense sun and heat, rooftops and beers, tacos at every turn ... foggy drives up the coast at midnight and dancing under the stars in pescadero ... quality time with california friends, pumpkin patches and trouble coffee, takeout and cooking and kombucha every day ... walks along the ocean and evening light screaming through the trees. heart to hearts. needed it, loved it.

thank you, san francisco. and rachelle and ava. here is a tiny glimpse into this mother and daughter's daily life. though there is so much more than i could ever document or write. they are so much more...xx.