2018 year in review

from my home base in chicago to san francisco and atlanta, madison and milwaukee, right back to chicago and then out to mendocino california, all over rural wisconsin, the chicago botanic gardens (my first indian wedding!) and chicago rooftops, to saint louis and nearly a half dozen times at camp wandawega in between …. 2018 was one of my most full and fulfilling work seasons yet. memorial day weekend traditionally marks the beginning of wedding season, and as i head into my 10th (!) full-time season of this wild journey, i want to pause for a moment, mark this moment and this time, and celebrate with a full heart what was 2018. i began with a list of places photography took me last year, but the faces are what struck the realest chord. for the first time, i shot as many at-home family sessions as i did weddings. and i would love for this trend to continue into 2019.

preamble aside, to my clients (now, friends), thank you. you are what keeps this dream alive. i couldn't do it without you … here’s to one of the best years yet, and to as many more possible. xx.