aldo leopold nature center wedding: carolyn + tim

as the 2019 season gets underway, my thoughts keep returning to carolyn and tim’s wedding from nearly a year ago now. something about this one just *stuck* with me. of course, the aldo leopold nature center is a gorgeous backdrop and the details were beautiful too, but carolyn and tim’s truly sweet, down-to-earth, genuine personalities are what ultimately won me over. they are a treat to be around, and i even emailed carolyn a week ago to tell her i wish we lived closer because i’d make them hang out with me ;) i found something of a kinship with them and continue to love twinning carolyn via instagram with our book selections.

there was rain, but i love rain when properly timed … and it couldn’t have been better than to end right as the ceremony began. i wish i had a transcript of the toast carolyn’s dad gave during dinner because there wasn’t a dry eye in the lodge. palpable love. toasts reveal so much to me about every couple, and these toasts only affirmed what i already knew … there are a million and one reasons to adore these two.

shout-out to five green acres for the insanely gorgeous flowers/arch, and to elevate events for being some of the loveliest and legit wedding planners out there.