elizabeth + matt's milwaukee winter wedding

i rarely shoot winter weddings. don't get me wrong—i find them to be beautiful and romantic, unique and picturesque. but after a demanding spring/summer/fall, winter is my retreat, my time to regroup.

but then elizabeth called me. and i was sold—on her and matt, their love story, and on their winter wedding. i like to think i am intuitive about people—perhaps to a fault. and my intuition was spot-on in this case. the warmth, welcoming nature, and kindness i felt over the phone would be carried through the wedding and on to the after party.

and so i found myself on an unseasonably warm january day documenting something bigger than two people. elizabeth and matt's wedding was more than boy meets girl; it was boy meets girl and girl's vivacious, adorable daughter, vivienne. i am so happy i was the one to pay witness to such an outpouring of love, family, and celebration. it was a breath of fresh winter air.

i have many favorite moments from the day, but my most favorite moment (or, series of moments) were the early morning hours spent with them at their home. i wish every couple would have this part of their wedding day documented. it fleshes-out a story by lending subtlety to a day otherwise filled with intense emotion and big moment after big moment. i love to capture the quiet, the in between. thank you, elizabeth, matt, and vivienne,  for inviting me into even more of your beautiful world. you all love everyone around you so well. a joy of a thing to witness and to capture.

enjoy just a little peek into what unfolded on this winter wedding day: