krissy + lee's madison, wi wedding

i really like krissy and lee. you know those people you meet who just have their priorities straight? that's these guys. and i am not exaggerating when i say that nearly every person i met at this wedding greeted me with a smile and a hug. kindness was flowing, and that is a testament to who krissy and lee are.

also, this wedding was FUN. non-stop dancing, laughing, joy. so much joy. palpable joy.

and the light! that light. i freaked out over it a dozen times. the way it traced krissy's curls and ricocheted down through the trees and onto the bike path. krissy and lee were game for anything and completely trusted me (and my second shooter, stephanie claire) to do my thing. they even jumped on a trampoline we randomly found. 

i'm all about spontaneity and intuition. i'm all about the way krissy and lee did their wedding day. and how they appear to do life back home portland ... and everywhere they go. congrats, you guys!! enjoy a preview of the day. xoxo, anda