the sands at home in west salem, wi

snowy, but sunny ... a day in november. it's my third year photographing the sands at home, and i couldn't be happier to be back. the first thing you'll notice, if you spend any amount of time with them, is the kids are always in their parents' arms. this is a house of warmth and invite ... the feeling of arms wrapped around you, the sight of toys ... fun and adventure, the sounds of laughter and feet pounding wooden floors in races around the kitchen, and the tastes and smells of meals shared ... homemade carnitas, with the finishing touch of dessert.

i looked up some quotes about family and friendship, but nothing described the way i feel about the sands family. i love their realness ... none of that candy-coated fakery. and i love being in their home, hanging out all day. here are a few images from our most recent time together in november.