hi, i'm anda. rhymes with panda.

i laugh a lot, and i'm attracted to joy and abandon.

but i'm mostly an observer, drawn to subtle glances and nearly invisible gestures. i like to blend. it's easier for me to notice beauty and light when i'm seamlessly sinking into scenes.

the midwest is home, but somehow i fall in love with every city, everywhere. i'm happiest on a new york city rooftop or beside the pacific ocean waves. and wisconsin summer nights always feel right.

i love good meals shared with good friends, spontaneous roadtrips, south america, long walks, bonfires that last late into the night, and quiet mornings reading alone.

i hope you're here because you like unscripted storytelling ... organic and sincere documentation without all the fuss.

i enjoy working with people who love art and trust me as an artist ... as an observer with her own vision. if that resonates with you, i think we're on the same page, and i would love to hear from you.

thanks for being here,

anda marie

bio image by rachelle derouin